Episode 4: Thank You for Being an Asset to Our Company


This week big investors are coming. Can Ben and the team survive Francine’s plan to impress them? Meanwhile, Midge, Kevin, and Pylon work together to solve a mystery… and the puzzle takes Midge face to face with the dreaded studio basement.

Develop a fear of polystyrene and get addicted to cheap but highly flammable decor in this wild ride as we present to you 3 out of 10: Episode 4: Thank you for being an Asset to Our Company, our strangest episode yet!

There’s nothing weird about that image above at all, is there? Definitely pay no attention to the gossiping dinosaurs in the corner.

Fun Game-Dev Fact; We reference ‘asset stores’ in this episode, which are digital storefronts where game developers can purchase pre-made props and art for their game, but to the best of my knowledge, everything in 3 out of 10 was built specifically for the game. This includes the dinosaur shown above, which was made to LOOK like it was from some generic store, but was actually made by an old friend of mine, Mike Tarwater, who is ridiculously skilled. You should check out his art station here; https://www.artstation.com/artwork/8GNO6

Back to Episode 4; we’ve got a couple of ridiculous surprises for you in this episode; silly games, silly art, the addition of the most handsome character who will ever grace this show, and a little deeper of a look into the ever-frustrated Ben who is perpetually foiled in his quest just.be.left.alone.to.do.his.work.

There’s a lot of stuff crammed into this episode, and once we’d finished it I realized that this might very well be the most absurd thing we’d worked on. That feeling lasted about 24 hours, when I showed the team the script for Episode 5…

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy it! You can check it out here: LINK and talk about it with us HERE.

See you next week!

Joe Mirabello, Creative Director 3 out of 10