Episode 5: The Rig Is Up!

This week Pylon and Kevin set out on an adventure to fix Pylon’s missing… face.

Ok, look. There’s no way to gracefully say this. This episode is about rigging. It’s a scary topic.

Game Development Learning Time: Rigging, for the uninitiated, is the process of connecting the 3d model to the controls that the animator uses to animate it with. Figuratively, it’s the process of tying all the puppet strings to the correct places. 

It’s a hard job. It’s technical. It’s thankless. And it goes wrong, resulting in hilarious bugs. I’m not going to throw any of my colleagues under the bus, but you’ve all seen rigging-gone-wild clips. They make the top-ten-bugs-of-the-year lists all the time. They’re terrifying. They’re also funny. Here’s real one from 3 out of 10’s early days!

It’s bugs like these that inspired us to make 3 out of 10: Episode 5: The Rig Is Up!

In this episode, Kevin and Pylon set off on a journey to find help fixing Pylon’s rigging bug issue, only to be thwarted by every step; their coworkers, insurance companies, doctors, even Canada wants them dead.

Meanwhile, intrigue and shadowy alleys greet Midge as she confronts her blackmailer. She had been given a specific mission at Shovelworks Studios by a mysterious figure in a dapper suit… but that mission isn’t going well… and the stakes are being raised.

Along the way, expect to explore some new places and to stumble up a few surprises… including my two favorite gameplay segments of the entire season. Things get classic. Things get arcadey. And things get dangerous for poor Pylon.

If all that sounds wonderful–excellent! This episode is for you!  Check out the Episode FOR FREE on the Epic Games Store to find out: HERE’S THAT LINK.

And, with Episode 05, we’ve now reached the end of this mini-journey for the Shovelworks Studio cast, for now. We’ve got more stories to tell, more games to make, and much more antics are in the works, so if you enjoyed these last few episodes, come join our discord and hang out with us while we work on the next batch. And worry not, we’ll see you again in 2021.

But before we go, can I point out this sweet drawing on Viper’s desk? He’s been working on it literally all season you know:

I rank you all at least 4 out of 10. Can’t wait to share more in 2021!

Joe Mirabello, Creative Director, 3 out of 10