Midge Comes To Life

Hi everyone!

My name is Don Roy and I’m the executive producer here at Terrible Posture Games. During the development of Season One of 3 out of 10, we truly fell in love with the absurd developers at Shovelworks Studios and the entire supporting cast of colorful characters.

Around the time we were developing Episode 3, we thought of the incredible artist Angela Bermúdez, and what it might look like if Midge Potter were brought to life.

I first discovered Angela’s cosplay while at Irrational Games during the development of BioShock Infinite’s DLC, Burial at Sea. Seeing her faithful recreations of multiple iconic Elizabeth costume designs, as well as her original interpretations of Liz, was unexpected and delightful. The craft in each costume design was just incredible. You can see samples of Angela’s cosplay on her Instagram and Twitch channel.

Because of Angela’s original Elizabeth costume designs, I later had the opportunity to work with her on early character concepts for a not-yet-released title. Based on that collaboration, I was happy to pitch 3 out of 10 co-director Joe on the idea of bringing Midge to life through cosplay with the artistry of Angela. I was so happy that Joe was onboard with the idea. Thankfully, so was Angela!

That’s enough words from me. It is my pleasure to share with you Midge Potter, come to life.

Don Roy, Executive Producer, 3 out of 10